Investment Philosophy

Our goal is to make money for our clients. Because every investor is different, we individualize our approach. Our customers range from young professionals and business owners to retirees, individual retirement plans, pension funds, financial institutions and municipalities. Although every investor requires a different approach based on risk tolerance, financial goals and age, we try to incorporate a conservative strategy with all of our clients by recognizing the value bonds and dividend-paying stocks can play in any portfolio.

Total return is computed by adding all dividends and interest payments to any market appreciation or devaluation. We believe fixed income plays a large role in this process and can take some of the speculative risk out of investing.

At Buchanan Capital, we have built a noteworthy network of bond dealers around the country, providing competitive access to numerous types of fixed income securities for our clients. Whether one is looking for Municipal Bonds, Treasury Securities, Corporate Bonds or Preferred Stocks, we feel confident that our knowledge and access to competitive pricing sets us apart from our competitors.

Combine the stability and steady income of a strong bond portfolio with blue chip dividend-paying stocks and one can build an investment strategy to meet most financial goals. We have access to numerous research platforms and we work hard to be knowledgeable about current market conditions. Our firm makes a large investment into our research tools, second only to the people we employ. We take a very active role in investment advice; again something which makes us a clearly different option from many firms who hire expensive outside money managers for a fee and donít venture an opinion without first obtaining approval from their national or regional headquarters.

We have found that one of our best sources for good investment ideas comes directly from our clients. We work hard to research the ideas and help our clients make informed investment decisions because it is important for our clients to feel comfortable with their financial choices. A successful investment strategy requires a collaborative effort between our investment team and our clients. We would like the opportunity to visit about our approach to investing and if we can, help you meet your financial goals.