Transforming the Client Experience

At Buchanan Capital, we believe in a holistic approach to financial planning. It starts by getting to know you as a person and understanding your unique goals. Trust is inherent in this process, as is confidentiality. Along the way, we’ll ask many questions. We’ll also offer our perspective and insight on matters which have the potential to impact your financial goals. Our clients soon discover that beyond developing a thoughtful investment strategy, we’re building an enduring partnership that transcends generations.

The Buchanan Capital Difference

Putting our Client’s Interests First

Buchanan Capital embraces the Fiduciary Standard, which means we place our client’s interests above our own. This is the highest standard of trust in the industry – and we act accordingly.

The Power of Independence

As a Registered Independent Advisory firm, all financial decisions are made locally. Moreover, we do not route clients into predetermined proprietary investment packages. At Buchanan Capital, every portfolio is 100% customized to the client.

Experience and Expertise

Our advisors have a depth and diversity of experience rarely found in a boutique brokerage. We use this to the client’s advantage by employing a team approach to advising, bringing a vast array of knowledge and experience to the planning process.

Customized Portfolios. Personalized Service.

From the moment you walk through our door, our focus is on you. We take the extra time to understand the future you envision, and then engage with you to create a custom-tailored investment strategy to achieve your goals. Our team is committed to going the extra mile, providing a boutique level of service that makes you feel like family.

Old Fashioned Values. Research Technology.

When you come into our office, we stand up to greet you. If you call, a team member answers – not a machine. We believe that following a conservative investment strategy is a smart and effective way to grow wealth. Research is also essential. That is why we make a significant investment in our research technology to bring deeper market insight to decision making.

Institutional Investing

Our advisors are highly experienced in institutional investments and municipalities. This has enabled us to build a noteworthy network of bond dealers around the country, giving our clients competitive access to a variety of fixed income securities.

Proactive Engagement

As your life changes, so will your financial needs. We make it a high priority to engage with clients on an ongoing basis, working to generate wealth over the course of a lifetime – and possibly for the next generation.

Intelligent Insight

Being a partner in the development of a sound financial plan means providing clients with perspective on outcomes related to a variety of different life decisions – this is where we excel.

Legacy Planning

Managing investments across multiple generations requires special expertise. We are a two generation firm. Many of our clients represent second and third generations. Our deep experience navigating multi-generation investments puts us at the forefront of legacy planning.

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