Financial Planning and Wealth Management


Legacy and Estate Planning

Trust Planning

Education Planning

• 529 Plans & Custodial Accounts

Multi-generational Investment Planning

Retirement Planning

Traditional IRA’s

Roth IRA’s


Employer Sponsored Retirement Plans

• Simple IRAs

• SEP (Simplified Employee Pension) Plans

Business Advising

• Cash &Credit Management

• Business Expansion

• Business Succession

Investment and Asset Management Services

Customized account management services for individuals, businesses and institutions

Mutual Funds


Low Cost Index Funds

• ETF Funds

• Fixed Income

• Preferred Stocks

• Corporate Bonds

• Government Bonds

• FDIC Insured CD's

Trust Asset Management Services

• Revocable Trusts

• Irrevocable Trusts

• Charitable Remainder Trusts

Cash & Credit Management

Institutional and Fixed Income Services

Municipal Clients

• Cities, Counties, State Pension Funds

• Insurance Pools

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